Earth bite

Earth bite is a company founded by the sisters Alice and Ani Moradian. In the autumn of 2017 I got the request to design some things for them and now it has become my part time job to freelance for them.

In the beginning of 2018 Earth Bite contacted me and asked for material for the fairs that they will attend. Some examples where the material has been used are Next Step in Jönköping 2018 and Vegovisions fair in Gothenburg 2018. I created two roll ups and a desk for the company, along with an information folder for the customers. The company have later on also used the material when visiting their different retailers .

The company launched their Vegan & Raw energy bars in march this year and therefore needed some material to use on socialmedia and their retailers websites. These are a few of the product photos that I took for them this spring.

I have also designed their website www.earthbite.se